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Stylish Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Coffee Table

how to decorate a coffee tableSometimes adding our own personal touch to a room can feel daunting, but without a few pops of interest here and there, a living space can feel downright drab. Think of the coffee table as a blank canvas to inflect some style, rather than just a placeholder for drinks, magazines and remotes. The best part is you can change out accessories easily depending on the season, the mood or the guest list. Here are some stylish ideas for how to decorate a coffee table:

  • A tray can serve the dual purpose of decoration as well as corral for odds and ends. Plus, it breaks up the space of a large coffee table. If you think the tray trend is tired, go for an artisan bowl or interesting plate.
  • Pile up the books. Coffee table books are aptly named: They are typically visually appealing and interesting to pick up and browse now and then. Use books on topics that reflect your interest. Just make sure to arrange them in a visually appealing way.
  • Add some sparkle with candles, stones or gems. It’s a simple and small way to add some shine.
  • Go for one bold decorative piece. It can be a large plant or a sculpture.
  • Fresh flowers are always good for the beauty and aroma. If you want something with more staying power, try a terrariums or a succulent.
  • Play with height. Varying heights just looks more interesting. So stack books or boxes, use a tall orchid or candlesticks to balance out lower-profile items. Our Modesto Swivel Cocktail Table comes ready with two tabletops of varying height.
  • Add metallics. If too much shine scares you, try placing small metallic accents on the coffee table for a small dose of sophistication and sparkle.
  • You can also choose a coffee table of a different shape or texture and use it as its own decorative piece. The Tamara Cocktail Table is a traditional rectangular shape with an abstract crafted metal base that is sure to turn heads. The birch veneer wood top gives a smooth surface and an interesting contrast. Or, you can go for this Liam Godiva Cocktail Ottoman with its rich color and texture. Just place a tray on top for balance.
  • A personal memento or collectible item can be use as decor. Bonus: It is a great conversation-starter.
  • Add texture and interest with a tablecloth or throw blanket.
  • Instead of one large table, opt for two or three smaller tables. They can be easily moved around and can make traffic flow less cumbersome.

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