To Bunk or Not to Bunk

sundance-loft-silo.jpgBunk beds conjure up images of sleepovers, forts, and secret hideouts for kids. While they are a novelty for kids, bunk beds may provide different images for parents: bonked heads, tears and curious toddlers teetering precariously close to the edge. Bunk beds can pose safety hazards for some families and are valuable space savers for others. Here are some of the pros and cons of using bunk beds:

Pros of Bunk Beds:

  • Free up space – For kids sharing rooms, the ability to stack beds saves a significant amount of floor space. With extra dressers, desks and the like, a bunk bed makes it possible to put two kids in one room with space left over to play.
  • Custom lighting and storage options – Kids of varying ages typically have different bedtimes. For an older child who likes to stay up a little later reading, he or she can clip a small light to their bunk bed and read without disturbing the other’s sleep. A bunk caddy that hangs over the railing allows kids on the top bunk to stash books instead of climbing all the way down to the bookshelf.

Cons of Bunk Beds:

  • Safety Concerns – Kids falling from the top bunk or the ladder can really hurt themselves. If you have toddlers in the house, it will require vigilance to keep them from climbing to the top bunk.
  • Housekeeping issues – Changing the sheets and making the beds of the top bunk is definitely more challenging.

If your kids are begging for bunk beds, you can enjoy the fun and extra space while encouraging safety. Here are a few tips for using bunk beds safely:

  • Kids should be at least 6 years old to sleep on the top bunk.
  • Install guardrails on both sides of the bed, even if one side is flush with a wall.
  • Secure the bunk bed to the wall with safety straps.
  • Make sure ladders are sturdy and secured properly.
  • Always use the correct size mattress and ensure there are enough planks to support the top mattress.
  • Make a firm rule that wrestling and other horsing around on the top bunk is not allowed.

One of our most popular kids’ bunk beds is the Catalina Black Full Bunk Bed. The classic style bunk bed is constructed of solid pine with a variety of configuration options. You can also order this same bed as a twin or a full. Attach a bunk bed ladder that hooks over the top rail or add a storage staircase.


catalina-black-tt-bunkbed-stairs-room_v1This version of the Catalina with the staircase makes it simple and safe to reach the top bunk (and makes it easier to change the bedding). Bunk beds with stairs also offer extra storage. The optional Catalina staircase features three drawers to store bedding, clothes, books and toys.

Bunk beds can provide much needed space and autonomy for kids sharing a room or those hosting frequent sleepovers. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: furniture that is fun, functional, stylish and affordable. Shop bunk bedroom sets online or visit one of our Chicago furniture stores.

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