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Make Your Space Feel Open & Bright with the Right Lighting

Rishona Table LampsLet there be light! A dark room can feel claustrophobic and downright gloomy. The right lighting can open up a room, define spaces, create ambiance and, perhaps most importantly, help with tasks. Here are some lighting design ideas for every room:

Living Room

In a living room, you’ll want varying lamp light for cozy nights when overhead lights feel too stark. Consider using lights of various height to create warmth. Place matching table lamps on a console table behind the couch, or create a reading nook in the corner with a floor lamp next to a recliner. A bold, bright lamp base can also add pops of color against neutral furniture.


Dining Room

The right lighting can transform a dining room into a grand entertaining space. Make an impact with a chandelier centered over the dining room table and use a dimmer switch to change up the mood of your gathering.



Sometimes we find ourselves needing a little light in the middle of the night, but flipping on the overhead is much too jarring. Small lamps in the bedroom are a must for reading in bed, slipping out for a glass of water, or tending to a small child. Place small table lamps on nightstands, on top of dressers, or next to changing tables to help with those late-night tasks.



An entryway should feel homey and inviting. If you have a dark entryway, or the overhead lights feel a little too bright, placing a table lamp or floor lamp offers extra light when you arrive home and warmly welcomes visitors.



An office should be a hub of productivity, so you’ll need a well-lit room. In addition to overhead lights, desk lamps are good for evening work, reading, and other tasks. To spark creativity, consider switching the overhead light to an interesting chandelier or whimsical pendant.


The right lighting can make all the difference in a room. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: modern standing lamps, retro table lamps, and more traditional lighting. Visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago or Indiana and see how to play with lighting to set the tone for a room. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too, for design inspiration and to keep up with our frequent Web specials.

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