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Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

As telecommuting continues to become more and more popular, many of us spend at least some time working from home. Setting up a home office cuts down on visible clutter and keeps everything organized.

nevile-white-computer-desk_v1As telecommuting continues to become more and more popular, many of us spend at least some time working from home. Because wireless technology allows us to send emails from the comfort of our couches, some may question the need for a home office. Yet without a designated work space, electronic devices, papers, correspondence, and the like end up scattered around a living space. Setting up a home office cuts down on visible clutter and keeps everything organized.

Think you need a spare room to set up a home office? Think again. If you have a spare corner or some unused wall space, you can set up a functional and stylish home office. Making a home office requires a desk, a comfortable chair, and storage. To maximize limited space, install floating shelves above the desk or tuck a stylish filing cabinet under the desk.

A home office should be functional, but it definitely should not be sterile. If you are setting up a workstation in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, be sure to consider the room’s overall design and select a desk that will blend in with the room. You can add lighting, artwork, or small decorative items that reflect the design of the entire space.


In a small space, it is important for furniture to have multiple functions. Our Mason Ladder Computer Desk doubles as a bookcase. The top ladder shelves can be used for displaying photos, books, or other decor. The bottom shelf drops down into a computer desk perfect for a laptop. Bonus: You can hide that stack of mail and cords by folding up the desk when not in use. At only 19″ wide and 26″ long, this desk delivers on function while taking up very little space.


Too much furniture can make a small space feel cramped and chaotic. Why not invest in a desk that can be tucked away when not in use? Create a living room office with the Ross Desk from The RoomPlace. It has a pull-out desk on casters. When it’s time to work, simply roll it out to your chair or couch; you don’t even need a designated office chair. The Ross Desk also delivers on storage, with six compartments in the hutch to store papers, office supplies, books, or photos.


For a longer wall, the Mason Taupe Computer Desk offers 36″ of desktop space. Its thick panels and clean lines blend nicely into a living or dining room. If you prefer something more contemporary, the Nevile White Computer Desk features tripod metal legs for a sleek look. It offers three open cubbies to store papers, supplies, and chargers.


An unused bedroom corner can also serve as a home office. The Brianna Computer Desk offers an ideal desktop space for writing or laptop work. The four open-concept shelves underneath provide ample storage for books and office supplies.

Don’t let a small space deter you from setting up a home office. The RoomPlace offers affordable, functional, and stylish computer desks that fit seamlessly into a home’s existing decor. Many of our desks ship free, so shop our collection online today or visit our furniture stores in Chicago & Indianapolis to get more home office design ideas for small spaces. You can Get It All at The RoomPlace!



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