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Keep Your Independence With a Lift Chair

We all want to age gracefully and remain in our homes for as long as possible. Mobility issues can make it difficult to remain independent, though. Even small movements, such as getting up from a chair can be extremely difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of devices to assist in mobility that can help elderly or disabled people remain in their homes for as long as possible. One of those options is a Lift chair.

How does a Lift chair work?

A Lift chair is similar to a recliner, with one major difference: It can take you from reclined or seated up to a vertical standing position. Using a remote control, you can recline fully, recline partially, sit upright, or be lifted to standing position.

What are some special features of a Lift chair?

The RoomPlace offers a variety of Lift chairs to meet comfort, style, and mobility needs. They offer quiet and smooth transitions from reclined to sitting to standing with the touch of a button. Our Lift chairs are durable yet incredibly soft, and come in a range of attractive colors like coffee, mocha, and gray to go with any decor.


Lift chairs should be safe. That’s why the Overdrive Lift chair has an emergency battery backup in case of a power failure in the home. It also comes with a side pocket to store your Lift chair remote, TV remote, phone, or other items.


For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, the Soother Power Lift chair offers heat, massage, and plush seating to help sooth lower back pain. You can adjust the type of massage you receive —steady, wave, or pulse — as well as the intensity of the massage.

presley-lift-chairA chair should fit your body perfectly. The Presley Power Lift chair comes with Comfort-Gel infused Memory-Pedic foam so your chair adjusts to your body, not the other way around.

As one of the oldest furniture stores in Chicago, The RoomPlace knows a thing or two about aging gracefully. For more than 100 years, we have provided stylish, comfortable furniture at an affordable price. You can shop our collection of lift chairs from home at or visit any of our showrooms to try them out. With frequent promotions, fast delivery, and flexible financing options, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace.

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