5 Kid’s Room Must-Haves for Back to School

Bunk BedsBack to school season is finally here which means it’s time to prepare your children for the coming school year. Aside from new school supplies and a haircut, making a few changes to their bedroom will get this ready for a fresh start. These are this year’s five must-haves for back to school.

A Good Night’s Rest

Sleeping well is important for cognitive function and vital to a successful school year. A new bed is a great way to makeover a room and it is sure to make your child more excited about bedtime. We suggest letting your child help pick their new bed; having a say will add to the excitement.

Bunk beds for kids are great for shared rooms or for having sleepovers with friends. They’re also a fantastic way of saving space in your kid’s bedroom so you can fit other pieces of furniture and leave space to play.

A Designated Spot for Schoolwork

When your child is old enough to do homework independently, it’s a good idea to add a desk to their room. Even if space is limited, there are some great options like our Sundance 7 pc. Loft Bed which comes with two beds, plus a built-in desk. You could also use this Solano Oak Desk and Chair without taking up much space in your kid’s room.

Storage for School Clothes & Supplies

Between your child’s school clothes and all the supplies they need to get through the year, you’ll want to make sure they have enough storage space to keep all of these essentials organized.

One option we really like is the Catalina Set because it has tons of storage space with bunk beds, a dresser, a chest and even more storage drawers hidden in stairs to the top bunk.

A Bookcase of Their Own

A bookcase for your child’s room is a great place to keep their favorite bedtime stories and is a fun way to encourage their love of reading. If you happen to have a reluctant reader on your hands, be sure to start by filling the shelves with things they enjoy reading, even if that’s comic books.

Colors That Supercharge Productivity

The color of your child’s workspace may be more important than you think if you want them to be productive and creative. Researchers of color theory have found that shades of blue and green are calming colors that induce productivity and creativity. While it may be tempting to paint more fun and vibrant colors, those are best left to the playroom if you want your child’s bedroom to be a space for sleep and homework.

These kids’ bedroom ideas are a great way to kick the school year off right. Visit our stores or shop online at You can Get It All at The RoomPlace!

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