3 Ways to Use Accent Colors

What makes your room pop? The RoomPlace has a serious soft spot for accent colors, but we’ve also seen them go awry. Here are a few best practices to make sure that your accent pieces complement your space.

Let a Small Dose of Bold Be Your Guide
You typically wouldn’t wear a wild pattern from head to toe, but a little touch of it can make the look. The same rule of thumb applies to interior design. When you let a small dose of pattern guide the color scheme of your space, it doesn’t just create a more cohesive look – it makes your accent piece pop! Some of our favorite ways to integrate accent colors include:

  • Using bright, memorable area rugs, such as the Metropolitan Canyon Rug
  • Creating a wall of artwork that all shares a common color
  • Adding boldly patterned throws or pillows to furniture
  • Arranging the books in your shelf by color

Build from A Neutral Base
Neutral tones and accent colors are surprising best friends. Choose simple, understated hues for your furniture, which creates a canvas for bold accessorizing. Choose a leather sofa in a simple black or tan, and let it accentuate the vivid painting on your wall.

Think Shapes, Not Colors
We think that the term “accent colors” is a little limiting. In reality, interesting shapes and silhouettes can create as much of an impression. Take the Marilyn Swivel Chair. It’s got an approachable color that suits virtually any room – but its shape is enough to steal the stage!

From a taupe power reclining sofa to a bold piece of artwork, you want everything in your room to evoke three important things: Comfort, beauty, and inspiration.

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