The Advantages of Adjustable Base Bed Frames

We take bedtime really seriously at The RoomPlace. And if we’re spending an average of 122 days each year under the covers, we want it to be a comfortable, restful experience. Recently, we’ve been loving adjustable base bed frames. Here are the top five reasons we’re upgrading our king or queen size mattress to an adjustable base:

  1. They Alleviate Back & Neck Pain
    Sleeping in a completely horizontal position compromises posture, triggers cramps, and doesn’t provide support to the parts of your body that need it most. Many doctors prescribe adjustable base bed frames to patients who suffer from chronic neck, back, and joint pain.
  1. They Promote Better Health
    Improved circulation, better respiratory function, and spinal support are good for sleepers of all ages. If you suffer from diabetes, asthma, or heartburn, many physicians will recommend improving your sleeping habits with the help of an adjustable bed.
  2. They Foster a Good Night’s Sleep
    Chronic sleeping issues may be due to the fact that your body isn’t comfortable in a horizontal position. Whether you have a king, queen, or full bed frame, and adjustable option gives you the flexibility to pinpoint what positioning will help you get those full 8 hours of shut-eye each night.
  3. They Offer Ultimate Comfort
    No two people have identical habits, and the same concept applies to the way in which we sleep. So why should everyone get shut-eye of the same, flat surface? Adjustable bed frames let you tailor your mattress to meet your sleeping preferences.

    Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses are also designed to offer the best sleeping experience, whether they’re in an adjustable or non-adjustable bed frame.
    Simmons Beauty Rest World Class Dayana Queen

Simmons BeautyRest World Class Dayana Queen Pillow Top Mattress with Renew Power Base

  1. They’re Versatile
    With adjustable functionality, your queen bed frame becomes more than a bed – it’s a place to relax and even do work. You can tailor your frame’s silhouette to provide a comfortable, supportive space to sit, lie down, and unwind.Simmons Renew Plus

    Simmons Renew Plus Queen Power Base


    The RoomPlace is always in the pursuit of a better night’s sleep. Drop by one of our store locations or visit us online to experience the ZZZ magic for yourself!

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