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The Amini Collection

Design is all around us. Or, at least that’s what designer Michael Amini would tell you. And we agree! From cooking to driving, playing to working, and everything in between, the physical objects that surround us influence our lives and happiness more than we know—and the same goes for comfort and style.

Your home should be your safe haven. If your décor is still a work-in-progress, don’t worry. Turning spaces into rooms you love is as easy as selecting the right pieces, right here at The RoomPlace. Take a tip from Michael—Travel is the inspiration. Home is the destination. And, with his latest collection back in stock this January, you won’t have to go far to make your home feel like your very own vacation getaway (without ever leaving Chicago).

A quick look at the Sky Tower pieces and it’s clear to see where Amini drew inspiration—the straight backs and simple lines make us think of skyscrapers, and their larger-than-life architecture.

Sky Tower Dining Set

Sky Tower 5 Pc. Dining Room Set

Fully functional pieces, like the Sky Tower dining set, prove you can create drama in any room of your home. As mentioned in this Sky Tower collection video available on our YouTube channel, dashes of art deco sprinkle throughout Amini’s clever designs as seen in the Sky Tower China Cabinet.

Sky Tower China Cabinet


With the same design inspiration, the Sky Tower 3 Pc. Sectional offers sleek, crisp modern lines with a contemporary twist.

Sky Tower 3 Piece Sectional

Following the success of his Sky Tower series, Amini’s Bella Veneto collection introduces traditional appeal to modern lines. Attention to detail, inviting curves, and warm woods define every piece, from dining room chair to bedroom dresser.

A dining room worthy of celebration.

Dining Set

Sophistication reigns supreme with this modern dining room set, including plush cushions on arm and side chairs, ornamental detail and a table so beautiful that you might decide not to bother with a centerpiece this year. Your guests will be as comfortable as they are impressed, and with a natural color palette that plays nice with existing furniture, this set is an excellent addition to any home aesthetic.

A bedroom to linger in.

Bedroom set

We’ve decided on the perfect word to describe this elegant bedroom set: grand. From the generous headboard to the delicate trim, Amini takes comfort to a whole new level. With these modern pieces, you’ll want to get to bed early and sleep in late, surrounded by timeless style.

We’ve got all the bases covered—bed, nightstand, dresser and mirror—so you can Get It All at The RoomPlace.

Visit our showroom online or in-store to fully experience the luxury today.

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