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Pairing Area Rugs to Bedroom Sets

Temperatures are dropping throughout Chicago and Indianapolis. If you have hardwood floors, you know the ice cold chill of waking up in the morning and plunking your feet down onto a subzero surface. Adding an area rug to high traffic zones in your home will prevent your feet from turning into ice cubes as we head into winter. Here are a few of our favorite bedroom set & area rug pairings:

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Loft Bedroom Set + Nuage Area Rug

Everything from the queen bed frame to the mirror is defined by straight lines and a deep, solid black finish. Disrupt the symmetry with the Nuage Area Rug, which brings sleek chaos to the base of your bedroom decor.

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Sean Pierre Bedroom Set + Caesar Area Rug
Perennial elegance, versatile style, and sumptuous comfort join forces with the traditional style. Pair it with the Caesar Area Rug to complete the warm, welcoming look.

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Carter Bedroom Set + Ivory Area Rug
This set is rustic charm at its finest. You need a rug that will complement the unfinished aesthetic and shabby-chic cottage feel. The Ivory Area Rug is happy to oblige. Prepare your feet: The plush and subtle shag brings unbeatable comfort to your space.

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Verona Bedroom Set + Shakespeare Area Rug
Balancing stop-in-your-tracks chic with everyday appeal, the Verona Bedroom Set is best accompanied by a rug that builds on the drama. We love the Shakespeare because it stays within the color scheme but offers unexpected fluid design.

We’re all for a good plan. While you’re browsing bedroom sets for sale, give The RoomPlace room planner to map it out. Your comfort – and your interior style – will thank you. Stay plugged in to The RoomPlace for more design and decorating tips by connecting with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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