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Warm up with Fireplaces from The RoomPlace

From Norman Rockwell paintings to magazine editorials, virtually every snug winter scene features a fireplace. It makes sense: It’s a warm, inclusive space to gather. It’s timeless and forward-thinking all at once. The RoomPlace is excited to think outside the box and bring fireplaces into new spaces in the home.

Easy Installation = Instant Gratification

Traditionally, installing a fireplace was a costly and messy endeavor. Now, it literally just takes a plug and the flip of a switch. It’s as easy to integrate into your home as an armchair, a sofa or other living room furniture. After you’ve visited our Indianapolis furniture store or Chicago furniture outlet, you can to ignite the virtual flame.
Our fireplaces simulate the original style without requiring wood, kindling, or any cleanup. It’s an overall low maintenance solution. But you don’t necessarily need a fireplace just in your living room.

The Prestige offers a welcoming, traditional canvas and plenty of storage. Make the surface a home for your flatscreen TV, vanity, or a quaint space to showcase your family photos.




Dining Room
With medallion detailing and a rich mahogany finish, the Regency is an instant centerpiece. Situate it at one end of your dining room to create beautiful ambience for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Family Room: Create A Central Gathering Place
Transition your space from movie-watching hub to central gathering spot with the flip of a switch. We love the subtlety of the Landon: When the fireplace is off, you don’t even know it’s there. But turn it on and it transforms the entire room into an oasis.

The RoomPlace is excited to be one of the few furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to provide quality fireplaces with an affordable price tag. Visit a RoomPlace location near you to get a cozy addition to your home!


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