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What Does Your Sectional Sofa Say About You?

The RoomPlace is celebrating an inventory packed with sofas on sale, and we’re having a blast figuring out which personality type best fits each sectional. Which one defines you?



Justin 6-Piece Sectional

The Social Butterfly
You love ultimate comfort – but you don’t want to have to sacrifice style to stay comfortable. Your home is just as likely to be the site of a fancy dinner party as it is a gathering spot to watch the game–and you need furniture that can keep up. With endless configurations and perks like power recline, storage, and cup holders, you use the flexibility of the Justin to work in your favor.


Milo 3-Piece Sectional

The Timeless Style Icon
You love design with staying power. You’re always on the lookout for decor that transcends the latest trend. Hmm… Maybe that’s why your home always looks effortlessly chic! Since you can’t decide whether you prioritize comfort or style more, you’re searching for the best of both worlds. That’s why the Milo is your best design friend. With its rolled silhouette, nickel trim, and 1.8 foam density cushions, you’re reaching that happy medium of both.


Casa 3-Piece Cuddler Sectional

The No-Drama Queen
You love dependability almost as much as you love inspired decor. You’ve constantly got your eyes peeled for a refreshing change of pace, and you aren’t interested in getting mired down by the “same old.” You look for sectional sofas that complement these qualities, and you’ve found an ally in the Casa Sectional. With its rich reversible fabric and effortless silhouette, you’re constantly getting a fresh outlook. You rise above it all, and so does the Casa.


Perez Power Sectional

The 110-Percenter
The phrase “going above and beyond” was made for you. You like to give everything your all, and your interior décor is no exception. With its sumptuous NuLeather upholstery and unforgettable design, The Perez Power Sectional beats your expectations on every level, from comfort to style.

Finding suitable sleeper sofas or sectional sofas in Chicago can feel like a daunting task. But with great prices and unbeatable quality, The RoomPlace has got you covered. Find your match made in heaven and get comfortable!

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