Creative Seating and Sleeping Options for the Holidays

Steaming mugs of hot chocolate, twinkly lights, and chilly weather are just a little bit better when they’re shared with loved ones. If you have guests joining you to spread holiday cheer this season, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make the overnight experience more comfortable for everyone involved.



Sanders Black Adjustable Stool

Sanders Black Adjustable Stool

Barstools: Your (Compact!) Best Friend
Minimal space, maximum potential. A couple of bar stools create a seamless spot to let your weary travelers settle in without taking up the space that an armchair might. We’re partial to backless, adjustable models like the Sanders that allow us to really tap into that versatile potential. We offer dozens of bar stools for sale that align with your own personal aesthetic.




Riley Chase



Riley Chase

Chaises: An Elegant Helping Hand
Achieving that polished, effortless look and creating a warm space for guests isn’t always easy. But a chaise is a great way to meet both goals. The unique silhouette and exaggerated width makes it a great place for socializing and napping alike. The Riley’s foam cushioning and plush upholstery make it the best seat in the house.



Zack Basil Queen Sleeper Sofa

Zack Basil Queen Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofas: The Cinderella of Interior Design
It’s a comfy sofa by day and a luxurious queen bed by night. Sleeper sofas adapt to their roles fluidly, so you can give your guests maximized comfort with minimal disruption to your space.


Everest Sectional

Everest Sectional


Sectional Sofas: Ready-Made Solutions and Endless Possibilities
Furniture should fit into your life, not the other way around. That’s why we think that sectional couches and Chicago go well together. They provide the flexibility to configure your seating arrangement to accommodate a party, surprise overnight guests, and beyond. Hint: The super plush Everest Sectional is a superior alternative to an air mattress.

Dive into this holiday season with cheer, not stress. With affordable, comfortable, and stylish options that range from sectionals to chaise lounges for sale, The RoomPlace is here to make holiday visits more effortless for guests and hosts alike.


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