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Multipurpose Rooms: How to Take Advantage of Small Spaces

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to live large in a small space. The RoomPlace shares some of our favorite tricks to capitalize on every inch of square footage you’ve got in your home or apartment!


Monticristo 3 Pc. Pub Set

Go for Versatility
Whether you have friends over for a potluck or are answering work emails, you want your home to foster a warm, welcoming environment. Invest in pieces that will support multiple functions. If you work from home and like to entertain, search for dining room tables that are beautiful and space-efficient (and don’t forget to invest in comfortable dining chairs, too!).


Donovan Daybed & Marlo Charcoal 2 Pc. Sectional with Full Sleeper

Look for Double Duty
We’re all for the “kill two birds with one stone” mantra in the interior design world. Have a chic couch by day and a guest bed by night with a daybed like the Donovan, or enjoy the convenience of a sectional sofa and sleeper pair with the Marlo.



Sebring Lift Top Cocktail Table

Seek Out Storage
A massive wall filled with storage cubbies isn’t exactly inspiring. But the need for viable storage space is critical in small spaces. We rely on ottomans, cocktail tables, and shelving to help us keep things organized without dominating the entire decor scheme. Remember, you don’t have to master your clutter. You just need to hide it!


Roxbury Gray Loveseat

Size Smart
When space is an issue, hone in on skinny silhouettes when choosing furniture. Without rolled arms or plush detailing, you can maximize the room that you have and enjoy a comfortable, welcoming space.

Remember: Your doorframes don’t magically expand, and neither do your stairwells. Before heading to one of our store locations, take a few moments to complete the Will it Fit?” Guide. This will help to ensure that you aren’t met with a headache when you bring your living room furniture home.

If you live in Indianapolis or Chicago, finding dining tables or end tables for sale that meet your space needs can feel like a daunting task. Avoid the headache and visit us at The RoomPlace. Your efficient and style-forward solution is within reach, we promise!

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