Fall Themed Bedroom Looks We Love: What’s Your Color Choice?

Fall is in the air. And while the crisp weather usually inspires daydreams of pumpkin picking, leaf piles, and hot apple cider, it’s got us thinking about interior decor. We’re using a seasonal color palette to guide our favorite fall bedroom decorating ideas. Which one really speaks to you?

Natalie Orange Chair
Natalie Orange Chair

Deep reds, burnt oranges, and rich yellows! Fall colors make us daydream of hot cider and pumpkin carving. Add a pop of color to your living room, study or bedroom with the comfy Natalie Chair and outfit your furnishings with warm, earth tones. This palette would suit the Madison King Bedroom Set by complementing the furniture’s welcoming design and natural coloring.

Madison 5 Pc. King Bedroom
Madison 5 Pc. King Bedroom



Integrate Natural Imagery

Brooklyn Queen Bedroom Set
Brooklyn Queen Bedroom Set

Take your favorite facets of fall–leaves, trees, crackling fires–and incorporate them into your bedroom. The Brooklyn Queen Bedroom Set for sale in Chicago and Indianapolis has been one of this season’s best sellers.

Get Traditional

Sean Pierre King Bed
Sean Pierre King Bed


Autumn feels like its best spent on a rustic farm, or cozied up with a patchwork quilt. Bring that sentiment alive in the bedroom. The Sean Pierre King Bed feels like a special find from an estate sale, and its accompanying dresser and chest offer storage and style. Throw a quilt over the bed, fill a vase with some natural trimmings, and you’ve got yourself a dream farmhouse-inspired aesthetic.

If you’re searching for queen bedroom sets for sale in Indianapolis, The RoomPlace is here to provide an autumn-appropriate solution. Start planning your dream room from the comfort of your own home, then bring your fall theme to life!


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