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Our Favorite Living Room Products Under $200!

We’ve all been there: Your dream living room is stylish, modern and fresh, but you’re worried about staying under budget. We want you to have it all—style and affordable furniture pieces to wow your guests and family. We’ve put together a few of our favorite living room pieces under $200 to get you started on creating the living room you’ve always wanted!

Bravado End Table Stool
Bravado End Table Stool

Why We Love It: It’s the modern, sophisticated answer to a space that needs functionality and style.
Pairs Well With: Monochromatic upholstery. Thanks to its versatile design, this piece works beautifully as a footstool or end table.

T136 End Table
T136 End Table

Why We Love It: The structural chrome finish makes this as decorative as it is functional.
Pairs Well With: Solid color schemes and contemporary style.

T646 Cocktail Table

T646 Cocktail Table

Why We Love It: The glass top and geometric design delivers a sleek result, while the walnut detailing adds just a little bit of traditional flair.
Pairs Well With: Modern furniture with a spacious layout.

Natalie Orange Ottoman

Natalie Orange Ottoman

Why We Love It: This piece is living proof that a pop of color can work wonders. While the orange hue is bold, the simple silhouette creates a great balance.
Pairs Well With: A contemporary, but otherwise understated space. If you’re working with a mostly neutral color palette in your living room, a bold accent color like orange adds drama and sophistication.

L32076 Table Lamp

L32076 Table Lamp

Why We Love It: Cool-toned gray looks luxurious when paired with other cool-toned neutrals like white or light brown.
Pairs Well With: Light colored neutrals or black leather.

If you’re scouting for modern furniture stores in Indianapolis, or a Chicago furniture store that balances affordability and style, you’ve got an answer in The RoomPlace. Visit one of our 23 locations today!

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