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How to Create Magazine Spread Worthy Furniture Décor with Danish Inspiration

Clean, simple, and sophisticated. Danish style has nailed the art of minimal design. As we head into autumn, we’re inspired by the minimalistic décor in Scandinavian homes. Why not bring it home to the Midwest? See our top picks for bringing Danish inspired furniture into your home.

Think White
Your furnishings have a major impact on the feng shui of your space. Sticking with an achromatic color scheme creates the fresh look reminiscent of European furniture design. We love the bold impact that a white sofa like the Mars makes on a space.

Amelie Loves Denmark

(Image Source: Amelie Loves Denmark)

Accessorize Thoughtfully
The “less is more” principle commands Danish style. It also doesn’t run the risk of overpowering your light colored furniture décor. Look for living room accessories with clean lines, natural elements, and monochromatic color schemes. Black and white photographs, geometric textiles, and simplistic pottery will complement your room without cluttering it.


T136 Cocktail Table

Incorporate Purposeful Furniture
Art and function aren’t mutually exclusive. The T136 Cocktail Table defines what’s possible when you merge beautiful design with a workable surface. Chrome and glass come together in this classy cocktail table to create a background accent piece. Pair this with the Mars sectional for a bold, modern look.
Boulevard Area Rug

Embrace Symmetry
If you want to bring bold pattern into your home décor, introduce it from the ground up. The result is a striking impression that won’t overwhelm your room. We love the Boulevard Area Rug because of its inviting design. Carpeting can also be a fun place to incorporate bright color home décor ideas. It’s a safe spot to bring some bold pigments into your room.

If you’re seeking to strike a balance between simplicity and memorable design, turn to the Danes for inspiration. Head over to one of the 23 The RoomPlace locations to get hands-on consultation and stylish, budget-friendly furniture styles.

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