4 Fun Ways to Play Up a Bunk Bed in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Bunk beds have long been a staple in children’s bedrooms. Not only do they allow for more floor space, they also imbue a room with a sense of adventure and fun. Here are a few easy and affordable kids’ bedroom décor ideas that will take your bunk bed from The RoomPlace to a whole new level.

A Twinkling Take on a Canopy



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Is your little one afraid of the dark? This pretty solution is a great alternative to a nightlight. String a canopy of holiday lights over the top level of the Catalina White Full Bunk to create a clean, gentle glow. Your child’s bedroom will instantly feel more magical, and the soft lighting also cultivates a space to read, tell stories, and relax.

A Shared Bedroom Solution



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If your kids share the same room, these bunk bed decorating ideas prevent tension before it even happens. Install a curtain around the perimeter of the Lilah Bunk (we recommend installing curtain rods from the ceiling for a cleaner look) to create privacy and cultivate that beloved fort-inspired feel. If one child wants to keep playing Legos while the other wants to snooze, this makes it possible, sans conflict.

Spark a Love of Reading



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Bunk beds can be perfect for a single occupant. We love when customers use a piece like the Sundance Twin Over Full Bunk Bed to create a reading nook and a sleeping spot all in one. Load up the bottom level with lots of fluffy pillows, a cozy blanket, and string some holiday lights around the “roof” of the bunk. To complete the look, you might want to even install a floating bookshelf on the wall of the bottom bunk.

Create A Safe (and Artistic!) Environment

The top bunk can feel awfully high up to children. For your youngest ones, a kids beds with stairs is the perfect safety solution. Instantly add steps to a bunk bed with the Catalina Staircase.

An added bonus? You can paint the outside-facing wall with chalkboard paint. When your kids aren’t climbing to the top bunk, they can use the surface to hone their artistic skill.


We tend to reserve bunk beds for kids, but these decorative ideas makes us want to ditch the typical bed and jump onboard. For quality and affordable kids’ bedroom furniture in Chicago, you can always count on The RoomPlace for the widest selection at the best prices. Visit one of our store locations today to see what we can do to bring your bunk bed visions to life.

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