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4 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Memorial Day Party Set Up


Memorial Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy the early summer weather and the company of friends and family. Need a few ideas to get your party going this year? You can host the perfect patriotic theme party with these tips.

Set the Mood
Nothing kills the mood of a party quite like glaring porch lights. If you’re hosting your gathering after dark, we love the idea of using low lighting to create great ambience. Invest in some tiki torches, tabletop candles, and twinkling light strands to create a dreamy outdoor ambiance.

To create a welcoming entry, we love the idea of lining your walkway with paper bag votives. Cut out stars in the bags to up your Memorial Day home décor.

Color Coordinate the Details
Creating the perfect party ambiance is all in the details. When choosing your party supplies, red, white, and, blue flatware, food, beverages and napkins will give your party extra patriotic kick.

Eschew Cramped Quarters
No one wants to be knocking elbows when digging into their BBQ. Benches are a great way to create more seating in confined spaces and get guests talking to each other.

Another idea to make the best use of space is to make use of an indoor bar. A bar cart is a great place to whip up cocktails, serve beer, and a place where guests can congregate away from the grill.

Give Your Table Breathing Room
A long table designed for the outdoors will allow you to create a barbecue spread that guests can help themselves to. We love this rustic, barbecue dining inspiration from Country Living. Calico, gingham, and burlap fabrics bring can help to bring country style to your backyard.

With these Memorial Day party ideas from The RoomPlace, you can put on an event that both you and your guests will enjoy. Check back to our blog for more decorating updates, entertaining ideas, and more.

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