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Seasonal Decorating On a Shoestring Budget

Updating your home décor for spring doesn’t have to break the bank. The RoomPlace has rounded up a few low cost decorative ideas that will give your space a fresh face without sacrificing your bank account—perfect for spring decorating in Chicago and Indianapolis.

Play with Natural Elements
Sometimes, it’s the simple details that can make the biggest impact. Fill glass canning jars with water, a few slices of lemon to add a pop of color. Add a few stems of white or yellow flowers into the vessel to complete the look. An added bonus of this decor technique: your room will have a fresh lemony scent.


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Introduce Color from the Floor Up
Refresh your room without having to go through a massive furniture overhaul with the help of an area rug. An area rug is a great place to experiment with color and pattern, especially if the rest of your décor is muted or neutral-toned.


Change the Sheets
Warm, cozy flannel might be a great fit for those chilly winter months, but it’s time to treat your bed to something lighter. We love the effect that a crisp white linen set creates. Your room will instantly feel larger, airier, and brighter.

 … And Treat Your Dining Room to the Same Effect!
White is the quintessential color of spring. It looks clean and modern when it’s a part of your dining experience.


Reflect on Your Space
Many spring decorating trends this year relate to space, and a mirror is a great way to make your space appear larger.


Embrace the Blues
Robin’s egg, turquoise, indigo — shades of blue seem to be cropping up everywhere this time of year. We love this simple enamel vase tutorial, which lends a bright pop of color to any room.

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 Armed with the knowledge of how to decorate your home on a budget, you can welcome springtime with an eye towards your interiors. For an affordable furniture store in Chicago, visit us at The RoomPlace for the best spring decorating options.

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