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Spring Inspired Furniture to Brighten Your Home

Tulips are finally in bloom, the sun is gracing us for a little longer each day, and grass is thriving where snow covered the ground just weeks ago. Springtime is officially in full swing, and the RoomPlace is ready bring its essence to the home. Use these spring design tips to spruce up your space and bring the outdoors inside.

 Perennial Bouquets and Cozy Seating

Floral print furniture creates the same effect as a fresh bouquet of flowers; it’s a charming and unexpected detail to add to your decor. A piece like the Heather Chaise will bring a bit of the outdoors inside. What’s more, it’s versatile: the eye-catching pattern and subdued color palette makes it a great transition piece, so it still looks elegant once the last spring shower passing us by.

The Room Place Spring Style

Spring Blues and Lounging Spaces

Drab Chicago and Indianapolis weather can be uninspiring. Luckily, a statement couch can change your decorating state of mind. We’re loving turquoise for spring. The Indigo defines the stylish accent chairs that are becoming a decorative staple in every home this spring.


 Crisp White Clouds and Dining Tables

There’s something about the crisp simplicity of white that instantly makes an interior feel larger, cleaner, and brighter. We love using this versatile shade with a piece that commands attention, and the Tina Table fits the bill beautifully. The clean lines paired with the bright white will help your kitchen exude modern elegance.

The RoomPlace Tina Table

Bring these spring trends into your home and you’ll have mastered the art of spring home décor. The RoomPlace has tables, sofas, and chaises for sale that take your interior from winter to a fresh, bright spring look.

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