What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

If a home’s kitchen is the heart of the home, the bedroom is the personal oasis. After all, the bedroom is the place you escape to after a long day of work: it should be a place of relaxation, comfort and a place to showcase your personal style. When your week, or year, gets busy, it can be difficult to find the time to make the décor changes you’d like to.

Your bed sets the stage of your room and is a great way to give your space a much-needed update. With a bedroom that speaks to your personal style, you might even find yourself forgoing brunch on the weekend to spend a few more minutes in bed. We’ve outlined some of the most common bedroom personalities and some furniture choices to make your space speak your style in Chicago and Indianapolis.

Royal Lush

If Versailles is your dream vacation home, it’s clear you enjoy the finer things in life. A lux style is all in the details. The Prestige’s white finish and marble-esque accents will have you feeling like the king or queen of the palace. Accent this lux bed with plush white and gold linens for a glamorous look. This is a look for those who favor breakfast in bed…on a silver platter.

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You-Prestige

Chicagoan City Dweller Dreaming of the Country

If you often find your mind wandering towards a day at the lake, you may fall into the rustic category. This down-to-earth style is defined by details like weathered wood and exposed hardware. Even if you’re stuck in the city or the suburbs you can recreate the look of a cozy cabin in your apartment with a bed like the Carter. It emulates the look of weather-worn, rough-hewn wood. Complement the bed with plaids and calicos to complete your cabin away from home.

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You-Carter


The Perpetual Hostess

Does the guest room in your house have a year-long waiting list? The social butterfly is apt to keep company often and thus must use their space strategically. Floor pillows, stackable chairs, and a trundle like the Donovan are great ideas for those who love to entertain. The trundle bed can be stored away for those precious few nights where you don’t have guests over. Finish the space with an area rug, just in case a few more friends show up than expected.

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You-Donovan

The RoomPlace offers a wide selection so that your space can really reflect your personality, whether you favor rustic, modern, or traditional styles. Check out our selection online or visit us at our Chicago or Indianapolis locations.

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