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Hot Trend for 2015: Gold and Blue Accents

Color trends come and go, but some colors always add a dash of personality to dull rooms. We’re happy to report that 2015 color trends show gold and blue to be at the head of the class. The RoomPlace team in Indianapolis and Chicago went scouring for our favorite examples of transforming gold and blue into gorgeous home decorating ideas that will make your eye happy.

Audrina NavyNavy and gold make such a striking and dynamic statement when paired together. The Audrina Navy 3 Piece Living Room Set shows how the navy fabric doesn’t get lost when paired with lighter, brighter colors. Adding a few pieces of yellow metallic accent pieces would pair nicely with a design that centers on the darker end of the spectrum.


Kathy Kuo
Image by: Kathy Kuo Home

Furniture trends in 2015 may be as unpredictable as color trends, but when you pair interesting pieces with a neutral palette, you’re sure to strike gold (forgive us, we couldn’t help the pun). This tiny table from Kathy Kuo could double as functional art—the lattice design and reflective surface add a splash of design flair.



The Tahoe Blue Swivel Chair is a prime example of how you don’t have to go full navy. On the lighter end of the spectrum, light blues and periwinkles can bring brightness to a room that might lack sufficient natural light or is surrounded by dark wood.


Granada Mirror

We really love the Granada Mirror for rooms that need just that little extra oomph. Pair lighter colored gold tones with lighter blues to create a soft vibe, or match it with darker furniture to draw the eye to the mirror.

Stay tuned for more tips from your interior design pros at The RoomPlace. With furniture stores dotting Chicagoland and Indianapolis, turn to us for help in designing your next room!

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