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3 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Fireplace In Your Home

The RoomPlace is no stranger to winter. Based in Chicago and Indianapolis, we’ve experienced the beautiful blankets of snow and the frozen fingertips right along with you. Every home – no matter how big or small – needs to be a hub of warmth and comfort when the chill sets in– that’s why an electric fireplace might just be your new best friend.

They’re a Cheap Date
When you’ve lived through a winter in cities like Chicago and Indianapolis, home heating topics are always on your mind. If the memories of heating bills leave you wondering how to save energy in the winter, an electric fireplace holds the answer. You’ll be heating your home effectively for just $0.11 an hour, putting noisier and more expensive alternatives like radiators or forced air to shame.

They Aren’t High Maintenance
Stacking wood for winter might seem quaint when it’s in the pages of a children’s story, but when you’re considering fireplace options for your home, it’s important to think practically. Wood is expensive to purchase, cumbersome to transport, and requires valuable storage space. What’s more, if you live in the heart of Indianapolis or Chicago, wood is also difficult to access. When it burns, wood leaves behind soot that coats the entire fireplace and a thick layer of ash on the floor.

An electric fireplace, on the other hand, requires no cleanup and no raw materials to stoke the flames. You’ll never have to clean up after it, so your only job is to enjoy the comfortable warmth and relaxed ambiance it generates.

They Put Safety (and Health) First
Unlike their traditional counterparts, electric fireplaces release no smoke, emissions, or pollutants. There’s no open flame to keep young children or curious pets from, and there’s no gas line. You can emulate traditional styles or enjoy a modern and space efficient electric fireplace TV stand without ever worrying about the risks. It’s a benefits-only addition to your household.

This winter, escape the cold with your new best friend. The RoomPlace promises that it’s an asset that will never let you down… Even when the weather does!

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