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Six Selfie Do’s and Don’ts that Could Win you a New Furniture Set

Six Selfie Do’s and Don’ts that Could Win you a New Furniture Set

We’ve all been there: you finally found the perfect lighting, your hair wasn’t doing that stick-up-in-the-back thing it usually does, and you were just looking for a way to capture your day out with friends. Your selfie can convey many things that words can’t, but has it ever earned you a furniture set?

The RoomPlace furniture store is ready to give away an entire furniture set and the best selfie takes all! Here are six selfie do’s and don’ts that can help you win your favorite collection from The RoomPlace:

Do: Pose in front of your favorite The RoomPlace furniture collection.

Don’t: Cheat! It has to be a true selfie taken by you of yourself. No professional photographer intervention allowed.

Do: Make sure you point your camera facing down from a higher angle—looking up at the camera is a universally flattering angle.

Don’t: Get caught with food in your teeth.

Do: Get your whole face in the picture. Let’s leave MySpace angles where they belong—in the past.

Don’t: Forget to upload your selfie to Facebook or Twitter with #TheRoomPlace and #GetItAll hashtags and be sure to mention which collection you want to win!

Wining a furniture set is as easy as taking a selfie! Using all these tips, make sure you take a selfie standing (or sitting, or stooping) next to your favorite furniture collection. Winners will be notified via private messages on Facebook or Twitter, so start snapping those selfies today!

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