Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Bedroom Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms from The RoomPlace

It’s time to replace the bathing suits, sunscreen, and beach towels with backpacks, lunch boxes, and kid’s room storage solutions as we transition to fall! As you and your family gear up for the beginning of the school year, consider how you can get your kids organized and complement your home decor in the process. Meet your bedroom storage solutions with the The RoomPlace! Parents know clutter can often follow children like a shadow. Give dressers or chests typically used for clothes, a different spin. Create themed drawers to store miscellaneous gadgets, sports equipment, and toys. The drawers provide memorable designated spaces for your kid’s items and make things easy to find for kids and parents. Don’t forget to place a nightstand by your child’s bed to provide convenient access to books and their night lamps.

Are you tight on room space? With a single solution, you can combine bedroom storage systems, aesthetics, and comfort in our combination beds. The Aurora Twin Storage Bed or Sundance Full Captain’s Bed are great options for families who are looking to maximize space at a great deal. Tuck clothes or even arts and crafts supplies under the bed, where it is both accessible and out of the way.

Getting your family ready and set for the new school year can be a challenge. Armed with solutions from The RoomPlace, you can help your kids build organizational habits so they can focus more on their school work and less time looking for it! Start this school year with your best foot forward and let us provide you with beautiful, affordable furniture to get your family organized.


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