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What Exactly Is A Day Bed?

The day bed is a unique piece of furniture, used for both sleeping and relaxing in a reclined position. It is unusual for a piece of furniture to be useful for something private like sleeping while still feeling at home in a living room or social area. It can’t be stressed enough that the most valuable part of the daybed is its comfort. If you’re looking for furniture in Indianapolis, maybe you should consider the daybed!

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the day bed was used to rest or eat in repose. It was normal in Ancient Greece and Rome for people to publicly rest in a reclined position. The day bed, then called a lectus, was especially popular in Rome, where they could be found in the bedroom, library or dining room. As a precursor to the couch, the lectus used in Rome often had one or two high sides and occasionally a back. The lectus has adopted many names and innovations over time, evolving into the chaise longue in France, the daybed in England and the couch in America. 

Today’s daybeds are sold in two different categories. There is the outdoor daybed that can have a roof like covering for protection and is often set up to be hanging, and there is the indoor daybed that is most often rested on the floor. The most common size of a daybed is a twin. Depending on the main purpose for the daybed, there can be integrated storage or a trundle bed underneath the mattress frame. Daybeds combine the space for relaxation with a stylish appeal. The RoomPlace offers a daybed that has the benefit of a trundle and the appeal of a completely contemporary look. 

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