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Liven Up Your Home with a Summer Palette

Spring cleaning is over and it’s time for a new project. As the warm weather brings guests over to the house, you may want to brighten the place up with some summer tones. Color is so important in creating a lively and happy environment, and it has been proven that color impacts our daily activity and actions. Each color triggers different emotions and can be used to persuade your mind to feel a certain way. A great summer color is yellow, as it is symbolic of sunshine and promotes happiness. Yellow helps the brain release Serotonin, contributing to a person's good mood.

Integrating yellow into your home can be done with a few simple changes. One room that can benefit from a touch of yellow is the dining room. Using golden yellow accents with natural wood furniture, like you can find here at The RoomPlace, can create a warm, inviting environment. Dining room seat cushions can be reupholstered with a yellow textile to add vibrancy to seating that may have previously been more muted. Use a French vanilla (yellow, white and beige combo) to create a calmer liveliness or a muted gold to make a space more timeless.

As great of an improvement as yellow can be for your home, beware of overusing it. Too much of the color can cause frustration and fatigue. Stick with modest yellow contributions to different areas of the home, rather than making it the main color scheme. Along with the dining room, yellow can be a positive addition to the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom. If you want some more summer decorating tips, or are looking for new upholstery material in Chicago, your friends here at The RoomPlace have got you covered! We hope to see you soon.



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