Upgrade to a Queen

Maybe your teen’s crazy growth spurts have finally gotten to the point where he’s outgrown his twin bed. Maybe you finally moved out of that cramped apartment and actually have some space in your bedroom. Or maybe you just had the Big Day and now need a mattress big enough for two. It’s time to buy a larger mattress, but you aren’t sure if you have the space—or the budget—to go all the way to a king-sized mattress. If this sounds like you, you should consider upgrading to a queen!

Queen mattresses come at a standard measurement of 60” wide by 80” long. This is a whopping 21 inch width advantage over a twin, allowing you the room to finally sprawl out in comfort—or providing ample space for two to sleep comfortably. While not as wide as a king-sized bed, for many small and medium sized bedrooms a queen is the more practical option, allowing a great deal of comfort without taking up the entire room. The eighty inches of length is the same as a king, and represents a five-inch increase over a twin.

Here at The RoomPlace, we offer a huge selection of queen-sized mattresses, so we’re confident that you’ll find one that provides the perfect level of firmness to match your unique sleeping preferences—all while staying in your budget. A good night’s sleep is one of the cornerstones of a happy, healthy life, so what are you waiting for? Stop by one of our stores and pick up one of the best mattresses in Chicago. Let our friendly staff take care of you and we’ll get you out the door and fast asleep in no time.

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