Living Rooms

Creating A Cozy Living Room

The living room is the centerpiece of your home, the area where you’ll spend the majority of your time and do all of your entertaining. And while the decorating possibilities of a living room are endless, ranging from the rustic to the ultra-modern, sometimes you just can’t beat the feel of a cozy den. Creating a living room that feels warm, comfortable, and inviting will help your guests feel welcome and allow you to relax after a tough day of work or taking care of the kids—here are some tips to help get you started:

  1. Start off by selecting a neutral or warm color palette for your paint, furniture, and rug selections. Avoid colors that are overly flashy or bright, and opt instead for soft, deep colors—like a rich burgundy or deep plum.
  2. Select a new sofa that’s comfortable and as large as your space will allow, without making the space feel cramped. Be sure to add an ottoman or two and to cover the sofa with an abundance of pillows and blankets to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere.
  3. If your floors are hardwood, consider adding a soft rug to keep your feet warm, even in the winter.
  4. Finally, no cozy living room is complete without a fireplace. Whether you opt for a woodburning or electric model, not only will a fireplace keep you warm in the winter, but it adds a year-round character that can’t be beat.

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