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Thinking About A Bunk Bed?

When I was little, I loved three things about my bedroom: my stuffed monkey, my books, and my bunk bed. And while these things have long been sold off at a garage sale or given to neighbors, I still cherish the memories of growing up sharing a bunk bed with my little brother. If your family includes small children and are looking for new bedroom furniture, we here at The RoomPlace definitely think you should consider investing in a bunk bed.

There are a number of advantages to bunk beds. We all know how crowded a house can feel with small children running about, and the extra space afforded by bunk beds is a welcome addition to any children’s bedroom. Bunking beds opens up extra space for storage as well as running around and playing with toys. Secondly, bunking beds are an affordable option. At The RoomPlace, we have a number of bunks beds available at great prices to provide the best value to you and your family.

Finally, bunk beds are fun! Nothing captures kids’ imaginations like bunk beds, and your children will spend hours and hours making forts, or playing inside their own person pirate ship or space shuttle. And with built in guard rails on the top bunk, you can rest assured that your children are not only having fun and sleeping soundly, but staying safe while they do so.

Here at The RoomPlace, we know that finding children’s furniture that is practical, affordable, and fun can be a challenge, but we’re here to make your life easy. Stop by for a visit and check out some of the best bedroom sets around Chicago

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