Sit Down, Relax, and Recline

Recliners have been a staple in American households for some time (and for good reason). Furniture trends have always lauded the next big thing, and at one point in history, that’s exactly what the recliner was. While leather recliners and fabric recliners have been around for a while now, you may not know just how important this piece of furniture is. Check out these three cool facts about reclining chairs:

  • Recliners help with back pain: Think about it, normal straight backed chairs force us into two positions: the straight back or the slouch. Both positions tend to push weight onto our lower back, and that pressure may eventually lead to pain. Recliners, however, tend to support our weight more evenly, allowing our muscles to relax. So if you know someone suffering from back pain, do them a favor and recommend a recliner.
  • Recliners make great beds for pregnant women: Pregnant women often find it difficult to sleep in normal beds because they don’t offer enough support for the mid-section. To combat a restless night’s sleep, pregnant women should consider investing in a recliner. Recliners tend to support a pregnant woman’s weight in a way that beds can’t. The angle and design of a recliner make it a great choice for soon-to-be mothers.
  • Recliners in modern times: A man from Indiana, Daniel F. Caldemeyer, is credited with creating, not the first, but what has become, the modern day recliner. Further, his reclining technology was used in some of the first NASA space shuttle chairs.


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