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Dining Room Tables for Small Spaces

If you’re moving, or currently live in, a small space, you can’t afford to crowd a room with an oversized dining room table. Depending on your design aesthetics, we have a number of great dining sets here at your local Chicago furniture store. Before you buy, take the following advice into consideration:

  • Measure Your Dining Area: Don’t “eyeball” your dining space. When you head into The RoomPlace, you’ll see that we house our furniture in a large building. What might look smaller or larger in our space might look completely different in yours. Don’t risk buying a table that’s simply too big. Before you head in, measure the dimensions of your dining room or breakfast nook. Jot those numbers down on a piece of paper, bring them in, and our friendly furniture experts will do the rest.
  •  Pay Attention to Shape: For smaller spaces, we’d recommend checking out a square or circular table. Rectangular tables are absolutely gorgeous, but they tend be better for homes with more square footage. We currently carry numerous small square or circular tables in wood or metal. If you’re interested in a glass top, we have that too!

Today’s modern designs call for simplicity, openness, and clean lines. Don’t stuff up your dining room with a table that’s simply too large. We have so many dining set options for you to choose from, and we can’t wait to find the right one for you. After all, your dining room is an important part of your home. Get your family and friends around a table that feels like home too. Come on in to your Indianapolis area furniture store, and let us help you re-imagine your space. 

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