The History of Your Favorite Living Room Furniture – The Sofa

Have you ever wondered about the history of your favorite furniture pieces? Take the sofa for instance: a piece of furniture we now take for granted, but without it, where would we spend time with our families? Before the 1600s, furniture was what you might call, minimalist. Chairs we’re generally straight-backed and only made of hardwood. Other home seating options included trunks or hardwood benches. But by the 17th century and well into the 18th, people began making comfort a priority.

Around the early 18th century, the first sofa came on the scene. What might look like a large, wide plush chair to modern day furniture aficionados, was the general design for the sofas of old. The first sofa design came out of England, and since then, people have continued to change, modernize, and re-imagine what a sofa can be.

Here at The RoomPlace, we pride ourselves on being part of this rich history. Every sofa, loveseat, and sectional we carry is part of a longer tradition. Sofas were created, in many ways, to give people a place to relax and connect. Today, our living rooms, and the furniture we place in them, give us a place to spend time with our families and friends. Whether you realize it or not, entwined within some of your most precious memories, could very well be your sofa and other furniture pieces. So next time you’re looking for a new sofa in Chicago, come on out to your local furniture dealers in Chicago. Become part of history today, check out our modern sofa collection, and see how far this historical piece of furniture has come.


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