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Why Leather is a Furniture Top Pick

In the furniture world, leather is a very popular material. Depending on the color, texture and style of leather, a piece of furniture will stand out in a unique way. Leather can be slightly rugged, or it can offer a clean and elegant finish to any space. When you’re making a decision on say, a leather chair and sofa, take the following tips into consideration:

  • Leather is Easy to Clean: If you’ve ever thrown out a piece of furniture due to a hideous stain, you know what a waste it can be. While some fibers tend to retain stains better, leather is generally easier to work with. If you clean up a mess quickly, you’re leather sofa can usually get off unscathed.
  • Leather is Tough: Cloth sofas may be prone to pulled thread and stretched material. While leather does deal with some wear and tear, it’s generally a safer bet for people who intend to use their furniture often.

Along with the above features, leather sofas generally have a varying price range, so your local furniture dealer can certainly work with your budget. If you’re on the market for a new brown leather sofa, you should check out our current stock here at The RoomPlace. We have some extremely detailed sofas as well as leather sofas with reclining seats and leather sofas that even have cup holders. If comfort and convenience are two features you’re not willing to settle on, then a leather sofa will provide the best of both worlds. When you’re ready to buy a new leather sofa, head on out to your local Chicago furniture dealer, and we’ll let you know all of the pros and cons of buying a new set of leather pieces.


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