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Mirrors Create Space in Any Room

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and wondered why its walls were lined with mirrors? Mirrors can be an incredible (and economical) way to open up various rooms in your home. Mirrors can enhance lighting and also create a feeling of added space.

Here are a few tips on how to use mirrors in your home:

  • Use Mirrors in Small Rooms You Want to Make Bigger. Mirrors can’t make your room bigger, but they can certainly make it feel bigger. The key here is to cover an entire wall in mirrors. Once you’ve used this strategy, you can place furniture along (or near) that wall and it will instantly feel roomier and your space will feel larger.
  • Bring natural light in with the help of mirrors. If you place mirrors strategically so that the light pouring in through a nearby window radiates off the mirror’s surface, you’ll be able to bring more natural light into a dim room.
  • Use different sized mirrors to create dynamic visuals. By varying the size of mirrors placed next to each other, you can create some interesting visuals in your room. Doing this creates an artistic look while also opening up the space in question.

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