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A New Area Rug Can Revolutionize a Room

Ask any interior decorator, and they’ll tell you – there’s nothing quite like an area rug to completely change up the style of a room. Rugs are clever design elements, and though unassuming, really add a splash of intrigue to various spaces in your home. Whether you’re looking for funky, matte, loud, or soft, the color and design elements of an area rug can offer all of these things and more.

If you’re interested in a new area rug from The RoomPlace, but you aren’t quite sure where to put it, consider a few of these locations first:

  • Under your dining room table: Area rugs look fantastic under dining room tables no matter what your table looks like. If you really want to show off your area rug, put it under a glass top dining table, and watch it pop.
  • By large pieces of furniture: An area rug can offset solid colored furniture, especially if you go for one that has strong design elements like bold shapes and color variations. Put these rugs under your coffee table and near your sofa collection for a warm and comforting addition to your space.
  • On hardwood, concrete, tile, and even carpet floors: You don’t want to cover up all of your gorgeous hardwood floors with rugs, but one or two can really standout on a sea of mahogany, oak, or even cherry wood floors. But don’t stop there—area rugs look great on tile floors too, and offer a safe space for your kiddos to sit and play. And yes, you can absolutely use an area rug on carpeted floors to add some transitional colors to a room.

If you need help finding an area rug near Chicago, check out your local affordable furniture store serving Tinley Park.  We can help you find the right rug for you, and offer free advice on where to put it. 

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