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Five Signs Your Furniture’s Upholstery Is Ready For Some TLC

At The RoomPlace, we know that the catch-22 of purchasing and owning furniture is that it must hold up while performing dual functions: providing comfort and utility, and also looking great. Naturally the more you use a piece of furniture, the more wear it endures, which eventually leads to breakage and other issues that will require repair. We know you want your beloved furniture to last forever, so we’ve put together a list of the top five signs that it’s time to enlist a professional to make some upholstery updates:

1. Tearing. This one is pretty obvious, but if the fabric has been punctured you’re opened up to all sorts of issues: stuffing coming out, widening holes, and unsightly gaps. Many tears start small, so the sooner you can catch one and patch it up, the better.

2. Sagging. If fabric is sagging off of your furniture, then it is no longer securely fastened, which means it is more likely to get snagged or torn, leading to further damage.

3. Fraying. Over time, consistent use (especially for pieces like chairs, sofas, and ottomans), can lead to textile fraying at key points like corners and joints.

4. Fading. Exposure to the sun and frequent use can cause color and texture of fabric to wear away over time. The only way to fix this is to replace the material.

5. Loose threads. This can be a sign of fraying, or a sign of the stitching holding the fabric in place coming loose.

A great way to keep your furniture fresh for years is to buy a furniture protection plan, which covers certain services and repairs. Feel free to get in touch with one of our Chicagoland furniture store locations if you have any questions about how to purchase a plan or what they cover.

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