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Is Your Furniture Ready For the Big Day the Seahawks Play the Broncos?

We’ve written at our blog about getting your setup suited for your favorite weekend matchups, but there’s one football event that’s unlike any other. This isn’t just any football game. It is the game. And if you’re planning on hosting any sort of respectable party to watch it, then you need facilities that can hold up under even the most raucous celebrating.

So, you probably already have a living room with a couch and some chairs, a coffee table, a media center, a decent TV. But does this setup easily transform into the ultimate environment for eating, drinking, and being merry while the Seahawks and the Broncos duke it out? Here are three quick ways you can update your space in time for the big game:

·       Make more room for food and drink. If you don’t have plentiful surface area for your favorite snacks and beverages, then it’s time to make some. A sideboard is a great option for creating a Bloody Mary bar or a place to make additional beverages and snacks available to your guests that’s out of the way but still accessible.

·       Not sure how many people are coming? A piece like the Parker Cocktail ottoman or the Trey Cube ottoman can be converted into seating, an extra eating surface, or a footrest depending on which you need more of.

·       If any of your trusty furniture needs repairing, then now is the time to take care of it—you don’t want wear and tear getting worse or broken-down pieces making a bad impression on your guests. Get in touch with us at The RoomPlace today for your furniture repair needs.

Time is running out, so if you need to pick up some last-minute furniture in Chicagoland, now’s the time to dash into one of our many Illinois or Indiana locations!

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