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Is Your Living Room or Den Missing Something?

As furniture sellers, we know that there are many items that play important roles in a room, but may get overlooked—either because they’re small, generally placed out of the way, or have become so entrenched in your day-to-day life that you don’t even notice they’re there. One such piece is the coffee table, which adds depth, coziness, and some handy extra surface area to any room.

At The RoomPlace, we have many options for coffee table shoppers. Of course you’ll want to pick something that matches or complements the design elements already at play in your room, so take advantage of the fact that The RoomPlace offers an array of styles. If you’re looking for a coffee table that can perform as both a surface and storage, then the Jigsaw Cocktail table, with its middle shelf and drawer, is a great option.  For a more modern and minimalist look, the Cordoba Cocktail table offers its own sleek geometrical style. Many of our occasional tables can hold your large photography books and hot mugs of joe just as well—like the shiny Firth Console table or the broad Winston Console Table.

If your space is a little too snug for a larger coffee table, then make use of one of our smaller consoles or occasional tables—the Brussel End Table is a great example. The whole point of a coffee table is that it’s versatile and ties a room together, so you’re free to go with whichever design best fits your needs.

Let the friendly furniture experts at The RoomPlace help you find your ideal coffee table!

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