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Nightstands: No Bedroom Is Complete Without One

At The RoomPlace, we know there are many furniture items that may not attract much attention or get much recognition, but still play roles that would be missed if absent. One such piece is the nightstand, generally a small and unobtrusive table with a drawer or two nestled by the side of your bed. Due to their size and positioning, most people don’t even notice their nightstand on a daily basis; it’s simply there, providing a space for your lamp and alarm clock, and a surface to place your glasses or book on. But take that away, and suddenly your nightly routine is incomplete.

Most of our bedroom sets come with the nightstand included, but if you suddenly find yourself in need of a new nightstand, you probably aren’t looking to buy an entire set. That’s fine, because at our furniture store you can buy nightstands in many styles—there’s bound to be something that matches the look and feel of your home.

For a light, Italian-inspired look with mod chrome handles and a glossy white finish, the Milano nightstand is a great option. The Sean Pierre Nightstand offers a more traditional look, though if you want something featuring both rich wood finishes and a sleeker, more modern design, the New York nightstand is a great favorite with its contrasting wood grains and round handles. The Symphony nightstand offers a lighter, antique look with its intricately-carved details.

Nightstands perform an important function in most of our lives, so if you happen to need one, be sure to head over to The RoomPlace to shop our impressive selection of styles. We’d love to answer any questions you have and help you find the piece that best matches your need. Stop by today!

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