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Americans Looking Forward to Some Exciting Home Trends in 2014

At The RoomPlace, we consider our role as furniture sellers a rather integrated one. Furniture is intertwined with interior design, other décor elements, and even the architecture of our customers’ homes. So it’s well worth our time to stay on top of the latest in home design and Chicago-area furniture trends. And we have to say, we’re greatly looking forward to the developments that 2014 will bring. Below are the top three trends we’ll be watching this year.

1.      A continued shift to more open spaces, with fewer boundaries between and within rooms. Open floor plans and arrangements allow for more versatility in a home, giving their occupants more flexibility in how they’re used. It also means that you are less restricted in your furniture choices.

2.      Designing for the long term. This means that homeowners are increasingly looking to update and rework the homes they have now in order to have a space they can live, grow, and age in over the long term. Increasing numbers of Americans are looking to stay in their homes rather than sell and buy a new one in the current real estate market. This kind of design takes into account details concerning mobility and usability issues for aging occupants—details like lever-style handles instead of doorknobs, motion sensor lighting, and bedrooms on the first floor.

3.      Bunk rooms, and other creative sleeping solutions. Many homeowners with growing families find themselves with challenging spacial options for accommodating everyone, and bunked beds (and other pieces like daybeds) are the natural solution.

What are you looking forward to in 2014? Are there any furniture- or design-specific trends you want to see?

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