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Consumers Looking To Update Homes, Buy New Furniture in 2014

At The RoomPlace, we’re happy to share that the future looks bright for furniture retail. 2014 has begun with a bang, and though the weather in Chicagoland has been rough, it hasn’t been keeping furniture shoppers at home. According to Reuters, consumer confidence ended 2013 on a high note, clocking in at 82.5—the highest it had been since July of last year. The holiday season and optimism for the year to come have been heavily credited for this increase. And as real estate values slowly recover, homeowners have plenty to celebrate.

At The RoomPlace, we always think that a great way to celebrate any occasion is to buy new furniture. So of course we love when the market agrees! The outlook for industrial production in the US is certainly sunny so far, with the end of a very strong quarter right behind us in December 2013.

Though furniture items tend to last a long time before needing replacement, many Americans are looking to update their home’s design and face the New Year with a new outlook. Upholstery fades and tears, joints weaken, and design trends wait for no one, so if you’ve been thinking of updating your home, now is the time! Your home is the most basic expression of who you are, so it’s important to have everything in its place and designs surrounding you that make you happy. If you know it’s time for a change but aren’t sure where to begin, that’s okay too—just head over to one of our many Illinois and Indiana furniture store locations to speak with our experienced staff, and we’ll help you figure it out.




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