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Accent Pieces: How to Make A Room Pop

Growing up, we learned that things are supposed to match. Color between the lines, wear socks that are in pairs. And while that’s certainly an important concept for interior décor, there’s another concept that we like quite a bit: the accent piece. And this one is all about not-matching, sticking out, and drawing attention.

If you’re someone who likes to make a statement, or you just like to get a lot of mileage out of your furniture and décor, then the accent approach is probably best for you. Making use of one or two prominent accents is also a great way to take advantage of the space you have in the event that you’re working with a smaller area. Below we’ve outlined examples of a few different types of accents you might want to consider.

1.     Accent chairs. These are great as stand-alone items in an entryway, odd corner, landing or hallway. We like the eye-catching Demi accent chair and the curvy, luxurious Alexis blue chair and ottoman.

2.     Rugs. Sometimes all that room needs is some subtle color and texture additions from beneath your feet. The Fusion bronze area rug makes use of alternating textures and colors to create intrigue, while the Orville area rug provides a cleaner, more mod influence.

3.     Lamps. These are a great option because they fulfill two functions: providing lighting, and drawing the eye with interesting designs.

4.     Occasional tables. Another item where form meets function. These can be featured prominently like a coffee table, or be used in more subtle ways, as a side table or even a low bar.

At The RoomPlace, we have so many styles to choose from that you’ll just have to come see our pieces for yourself. We look forward to showing you your many options for home accents. 

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