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Spice Up Your Kitchen or Dining Room With Pub-Style Furniture

We know, we know. When you see the words ‘pub-style’ you probably think of burgers, fish and chips, and worn vinyl barstools and booth backs. At The RoomPlace, we know that’s hard to get excited about in the context of your lovely home. That’s why we’re happy to report that we have some streamlined, elegant pieces that will completely redefine how you think about ‘pub style’, and which can help mix things up a little if your kitchen is in need of updating.

Pub-style really just refers to higher tabletops and smaller surface areas, perfect for enjoying drinks and small plates—just like you’d see in a bar or lounge. There are two main advantages to choosing a pub-style table and chairs over the more traditional option. The first is that it’s much easier to achieve an urban, casual atmosphere with these pieces. And second, since these tables are counter-height, they’re very easy to use as additional kitchen preparation space. And of course, there’s no better choice for furnishing a home bar!

A personal favorite of ours is the Monticristo three-piece pub set, which ties together materials like marble veneers, faux leather, and sleek black wood to create a sophisticated, urban feel. If you want something a little more minimalist (and shiny), the Anna black five-piece counter height dinette would be an excellent option for you. The Capri five-piece dinette set provides counter-height dining with a few extra places to stash bottles of wine, extra dishes, and more.

Interested in revamping your definition of pub-style? Let us here at The RoomPlace help you explore your options. 

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