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Use Your New Year’s Motivation To Power Through Your Renovations

Do you have rooms in your home that are in sore need of updating? Furniture that’s broken or worn out that badly needs to be replaced? If you’ve been putting off renovations or a much-needed décor remix, then The RoomPlace invites you to use your New Year’s resolve to finally kick-start your project. Below are some tips on how to make it happen.

1.     Don’t get sucked into blindly following the latest décor and furniture trends. Though you may really like the design of the moment, it may not be the design of the moment for much longer. Taking the time to find something that you really enjoy—and that you’ll enjoy for years to come—is more important than having the trendiest home.

2.     Nail down exactly what you’ll need the room for. This will help you determine which furniture items to buy, since some pieces (like daybeds) can fulfill multiple functions. So, if that shabby guest room is on your list, you might consider outfitting it with a comfy new trundle bed or accents (like the Trey Brown Cube ottoman) that can double as other things, like a small table or storage space—which allows you to both fit more people into the space, and get more use out of it both when it’s occupied and when it’s empty.

3.     Give yourself time, and a structured plan. Nothing burns out a New Year’s resolution like going too hard, too fast. It’s difficult to change habits or accomplish projects if you’re expecting it all to happen as soon as possible.

Of course, our last tip would be to come to one of our Chicagoland furniture stores, where we have plenty of experienced, passionate furniture dealers and design experts who can help you flesh out your project. Not to mention our wide selection of furniture, where we think you’ll find exactly what you need.

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