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Get Your Cozy Winter Fireplace Setup at The RoomPlace

The warm, glowing hearth is a well-known and well-loved symbol of winter coziness, and during the holidays this image is especially poignant. After all, what better place is there to gather around to sing carols, sip hot cocoa, exchange gifts, or otherwise enjoy each others’ company?

At The RoomPlace, we’re excited to offer a piece that can provide both warmth and beauty to your home, just in time for the incoming wintry weather of January and February. The media console fireplace can take on multiple functions within your den, living room, or bedroom. Tying together the traditional hearth and more contemporary functions like providing a place to put your TV, pieces like the Montibello Media Console fireplace have been designed to meet the needs of modern home owners everywhere. With its rich wood finish, smooth marble and antique brass hardware, this piece will recall holidays and fireplaces of times past.

If you like something a little sleeker and more modern looking, then the Landon 2-piece Firebox and media console is probably right up your alley. You’ll also be happy to know that these pieces are built with safety in mind: soft-touch glass and a child-proof heater grate help keep even the most littlest and most curious occupants of your home out of harm’s way.

Ready to introduce a little warmth into your home, just in time for the New Year? Stop by one of our many Chicagoland furniture stores, where we’d love to help you find the unit that’s perfect for you. 

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