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The Vanity Table: A History

Also known as a dressing table or a toilet table, the vanity table has long provided both men and women a station for all activities concerning the upkeep of appearances. The first dressing table was probably referred to as such in the 17th century, a small table with a few drawers. 18th-century cabinet makers began to make an art out of constructing small tables with elaborate drawers used to keep beauty products tucked out of sight when not in use, resulting in small tables with multiple panels and boxes that fold and pop out for use.

In the 18th century, ‘lowboys’ as they were called became increasingly popular in England and the United States. Now that most bathrooms are outfitted with cabinets, mirrors and counters of their own, a vanity isn’t a necessity anymore—but for those with the space (and the need for storage!) it’s a very enjoyable luxury to have.

At The RoomPlace, we make it easy for you to create the vanity table of your dreams, and match it to one of our bedroom sets or the furniture you already have. Many of our dressers come with mirrors that match, like the elegant Benton dresser or the sleek and stately Bradbury dresser. Really, it’s quite easy to create a vanity that works for you—just head over to our Mirrors section, where you’ll find many pieces that can stand alone or be paired with a dresser or table.

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