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Picking Out The Perfect Armchair To Enjoy Your Fireplace This Winter

No living room with a fireplace is complete without a comfy chair (or three) from which to enjoy the crackling warmth of a fire on a cold winter’s night. We’ve discussed armchairs and recliners before on this blog, but it’s worth another look if you’ve got a fireplace that needs a cozy, reclining partner. Below are a few of our favorites.

First of all, let’s talk about how amazing it would be to enjoy a fireside massage. The flames’ soothing play of light filling the room while the Zero Gravity 2.0 massage chair pampers you with Human Touch technology, which takes you through Refresh through Relax, Retreat, and then drops you off to Sleep. You control the massage settings with a remote control, so you can customize your experience as you enjoy the soft, pliable leather and comfortable zero gravity position.

If you’re really just looking for the traditional recliner where you can enjoy yourself in stillness, then one of our many other recliners will do the trick. The Jetson black recliner is wide, spacious and covered in real, supple leather.

And last, but not least—the soothing, soft embrace of the Devon gray rocker recliner, which combines the relaxation of a recliner with the comforting rhythm of a rocker.

Looking for the perfect seating to enjoy your flickering fire, maybe with a cold beer or a soothing cup of tea? The RoomPlace has your answer. Come to one of our many Chicagoland furniture stores to find the chair that best fits your home.

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