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Thanksgiving Dinner: Do You Need Backup?

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time or have found yourself scrambling to prepare for a larger number of guests this year, chances are you may need a few modifications to your existing dining room set. Luckily, The RoomPlace is here to help, and just in the nick of time before your relatives start arriving.

If you just need more surface area for serving the food, then a small or medium sideboard could do the trick, depending on how much space you’ve got for additions. The clean, simple and versatile Tina dining room sideboard is an excellent choice, with both drawers and shelf space for keeping spare dishes and other extras out of the way. For a little more height and greater storage space, the Nicki Sideboard is an elegant alternative, with the simple appeal of rich woods and shining cabinet knobs.

Of course, one of the most common problems is seating. Even just one surprise guest can throw off your seating arrangements, so if you know ahead of time you’ll have more bodies to seat or just need a few extra dining chairs on standby, you can take care of that at The RoomPlace as well. If you’re anywhere near Chicagoland, dining chairs are never further than a short drive away! Visit one of our many locations to find the chairs that will match (or complement) your current setup.

Of course, if you find yourself in need of a new dining set altogether, then you’d better act fast! We have many beautiful dining sets in different styles to choose from, so browse our website or make your way to the nearest The RoomPlace location you can find. We look forward to helping you enjoy the holidays!

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